12 Essential amenities to include in your Airbnb


By far the best part about Airbnb is when you stay with someone they know the best and worst parts about where they live. They know the local places to go and what to avoid. By making a personalized book for them they can navigate your town like a local! On mine, I wrote a little about myself and my dogs. I also wrote extensively on the best restaurants and bars in town to go to. This is a MUST for your Airbnb.

Chalkboard Labels for doors

This helps if you have multiple rooms and self-check-in. It’s also a nice way of reminding them when check-in and check-out are without seeming pushy.

IMG_7094 (3)

Keurig and Keurig Cups

Most people that are coming into town will get in late, will probably need to get up early, and will appreciate coffee right next to their bedside. You can buy new or buy cheap off of craigslist (I got this one for $50).



As an Airbnb host, you need to always be thinking of how your place is better than a motel/hotel. Ex… personalized touches, experiences, more affordable, welcoming environment, and real plants!


Toiletry basket

This is not very expensive, things are rarely used, but when people need items they are forever grateful in the comments! Trust me!


Snack basket (with goodwill offering)

I got this idea from a fellow Airbnb. He said he had a suggested goodwill donation and that people would usually overpay for their snacks and he makes much more money off of this than he thought.


Magnetic map with where in the world people that stay with you are from

This is a fun way to show off where all of your guests are from. This is especially fun for me because I live in Iowa and it’s fun to see all of the diversity that comes through my home! It’s like traveling without ever having to leave my house! These are kind of expensive online but you can follow my instructions and make your own wooden one like I did for my living room downstairs for about $25.


Extra Linens or Space Heater 

Include strict instructions with the space heater. As it is a fire hazard!

Mini fridge and microwave

You can get these on craigslist fairly cheap too!


Door Lock with a keycode entry

       Make sure you can reset the code easily in between guests! You can also use lockitron where Airbnb guests can download an app on their phone and you can give them permission in the app to let them in. If you pay a little extra you can even unlock your door from your phone even if you’re far away from your home.

lock 2


Bikes can be expensive! But if you’re lucky and live in a town with a bicycle collective they can be relatively cheap! Our bicycle collective receives donated bikes and volunteers fix them up. They have a program where you can work in the shop for 10 hours and earn a bicycle that way, but in general, the bikes they refurbish are in very good condition and very cheap. They sell them to people who don’t have the means to buy a car or do not have a license for one reason or another. Bike collectives are essential for building communities and if there is one in my small town in Iowa there is most likely one near you!



Last but not least….. WINE!

This is a great personal touch that does not have to be very expensive. Approximately 10% of the cost of your guests stay should be spent on them. Although you shouldn’t buy the cheapest wine you can find you certainly don’t have to spend a lot to make this a really special touch.