Around the time I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years my best friend from college Landon, filed for divorce from his husband. A week later Landon decided to move back into the small town of Cedar Falls where we both went to college together. I made the big decision to purchase a home, and we decided to move in. I  purchased a large turn of the century home with a gorgeous open floor plan and a bit of a fixer-upper.  Over time, we picked up the pieces of our broken relationships and the 2 of us became best friends again. Weekends were spent painting, putting in shelves, replacing broken doors, and toilets and Landon slowly helped me turn my house into a home.

I am always looking for ways to make more money and my friend who just started Airbnbing out his space raved about the extra money he had laying around now. Not only that, but every time we hung out with him he brought along his latest Airbnb with him. They were always from different parts of the world and extremely interesting to talk to. This was unusual for us Iowans who rarely get to see the rest of the world outside of traveling and watching the news. With Landon’s approval, I made the decision to start an Airbnb account and the rest is history.